Tuesday, January 8, 2013

iZone-iHUB Staff invites Vice Mayor "Isko" Moreno

Last January 8, 2013 the staff of iZone-iHUB proceeded to inviting one of the most prominent advocates of technology in the Philippines which is Vice Mayor of Manila Mr. "Isko" Moreno or also known as Francisco Domagoso. A good example of a person who persevered to becoming someone known to everyone. Former actor turned politician he is also is a huge advocate of technology here in the Philippines. He believes that technology is going to be the next step for the Philippine Community to prosper.

Mr. Naz Mariano and EJ Manalo (iZone-iHUB Staff)
with Vice Mayor "Isko" Moreno
iZone-iHUB is a free tech site suitable for programmers and developers to hang out and collaborate by developing and creating new ideas and project that would be marketed not only local but global as well. This site is being funded by a well known business magnate Mr. Daniel S. Pena, a philanthropist and also an advocate of technology.

Mr. Dan Pena providing a short speech to Pinoy Techies and Media
 A lot if opportunities is being provided by iZone-iHUB to the technology community and it's up to this individuals to take advantage of this chance. They also have contests and competitions that would provide great exposure and commercialization.

If you want to hear the inspirational words of this two great personas, we in iZone-iHUB invite you to participate and be present on our grand launch this coming January 18, 2013. Free entrance and cocktails will be served to this present and onsite.

Be motivated and be inspired, iZone-iHUB would want you to feel that their is a place for you!

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