Friday, January 4, 2013

iZone-iHUB Press Conference for Bloggers

The first iZone-iHUB press conference was a huge success with bloggers flocking the site to hear about the plans and developments that this group has been cooking up this past few days and months. Around thirty plus bloggers were present on site to partake this huge gathering.

Bloggers present on the Press Conference in iZone-iHUB

Event was hosted by Mr. EJ Manalo and Mr. Naz Mariano both are staff of iZone-iHUB. The presence of Mr. Robert William Smith, Marketing Director of iZone Technologies was also present on site to provide the welcoming remarks to all the bloggers.

Mr. Robert Smith providing the welcoming remarks to those bloggers present
on the press conference held in iZone-iHUB tech site.

 iZone-iHUB host provided all the necessary details and information the bloggers need in order to understand what advocacy iZone-iHUB is offering to the Philippine Technology Community. They also provided highlights on what to expect this coming 2013.

Mr. Naz and Mr. EJ, hosts of the event provide the highlights for iZone-iHUB
to the bloggers present on site.
This coming 2013, iZone-iHUB has a lot of events and activities in store for everyone. Here are some of the listed events that the Philippine Technology Community can expect from iZone-iHUB:
  • Grand Launch - Event Launching scheduled on January 18, 2013.
  • Techno Summit scheduled for February 16, 2013.
Contest and competitions are also provided to those in attendance and this with having them the opportunity to write about something that can be a turning point for technology community to get exposure.

B's Cupcakes with iZone-iHUB Flags
Cupcakes was also serve to all the individuals present for the press conference compliments of B's Cupcakes. 

This provided a little snack to the bloggers as they listen attentively to the host and readying out their questions after the presentation were the Questions and Answer portion was entertained by the host of the event.

"This place is a venue for collaboration for all types of pinoy techies. This is were they can share ideas and developed their own as they absorb knowledge from other experts from different walks of life in the technology department" - This is one statement that the host of iZone-iHUB put emphasis on when they were differentiating iZone-iHUB from other existing site in Metro Manila. 

The bloggers present on site got even more fired up when the host announce the contest that iZone-iHUB has prepared for those present on the site.

Question and Answer portion was also accommodated by the host to ensure that everyone's concerns are addressed by the staff of iZone-iHUB. Everyone was put on awe when they again found out that this work space if free for use to the technology community which again has been repeatedly elaborated by the host of the event.

One of the bloggers asking questions to the host of press conference
The event was concluded with the token of appreciation of the crew of iZone-iHUB to the bloggers present with a "Be one of US" limited edition T-shirt. The bloggers who would like to show their support to iZone-iHUB took time to be part of the group photo with the iZone-iHUB Crew.

Bloggers showing support for iZone-iHUB by wearing
the Be one of US T-shirt

For more details about the events and if you are interested, you can check us out at

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