Monday, January 14, 2013

iZone-iHUB Invades UPITTC in Diliman

iZone-iHUB staff distributing flyers
The iZone-iHUB caravan does not stop. One of the next pit stop for invasion is the campus of UPITTC. The school segment of UP Diliman were they provide crash course and training for those who want to learn more about technology and innovation.

Flyers was been handed over to people present on site last Saturday and Sunday. Roughly around 100 plus people were present on both days since this programs and courses are highly advised to be attended by not only students but professionals alike.

Montage of pictures located on the stair case of the UPITTC
What better way to attract more people to check out iZone-iHUB is go to places were tech savvy people actually meet up and converge or converse about technology. 

This is just one place were iZone-iHUB would be in, expect that your school might be the next! Support our cause and be one of us. Be part of iZone-iHUB!

For more details about this facility and what they offer you can visit us at

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