Friday, December 14, 2012

Want to find out more about iZone-iHUB?

iZone-iHUB is one of the technology driven location in Metro Manila. This would be a haven for techies and netizens to hang out and collaborate. The location is situated in the busy district of Ortigas Business Center in Pasig City.

The place promotes freedom and opportunities to all pinoy techies were they can develop and progress the advancement of their projects and ideas. iZone-iHUB can also function as investors and incubators for this project to be exposed to commercialization not only locally but globally as well.

To find out more about this place check out this video coverage of GNN with founder Mr. Daniel S. Pena Sr. of iZone-iHUB:

For more information about iZone-iHUB can you visit our site at or you can send them an email at

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