Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Innovation introduced by EveryBlock

Image from article by Samuel Axon

Another Chicago-based venture (though it serves many other cities), EveryBlock is one of the flagship products of the "hyperlocal" movement. It delivers news and information tailored to where you are — exactly where you are, within a few hundred feet. The past decade hosted an explosion of sites that track local businesses and events, and we've seen community blogs for cities, towns and neighborhoods pop up in abundance. 

That useful information used to be fragmented between different sites: Gothamist, Yelp, Craigslist and so on. EveryBlock and its competitors aggregate that data and filter it by your location. You can access EveryBlock on the web, but it's arguably most impressive as an iPhone app, using the handset's GPS to locate you and serve up a feed of nearby news. 

The items covered include Yelp business reviews, crime reports, real estate listings, street closures, and blog and news reports containing references to nearby addresses or venues. Much of this data originates from databases and submissions from users to various sites on the web, bypassing traditional media. EveryBlock isn't about editorializing and interpreting events as much as it's about providing raw information. Some of the more savvy folks on the block prefer it that way.

- Article quoted in Samuel Axon's writing (Mashable)

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