Monday, November 12, 2012

What does iZone-iHUB offer to you as a techie?

The recently concluded launch of iZone-iHUB was graced by a lot Pinoy techies and prominent personnel from different fields to further understand what this place is all about.

Here are some questions that were answered by Mr. Daniel S. Peña (Founder and Chairman) of iZone-iHUB:

  1. Whats the catch? How can it be that you are offering a place completely free for techies? - We have been in the Philippines for more than four (4) years already and we have charity institutions that we are currently funding without asking for anything in return. This is one way for me and Sally to also give something back to the Philippines since this country has been good to us for so many years. I also believe that the Philippine Geeks here in the Philippines would want to have a place to bring out their ideas and in the long run be funded for it and iZone-iHUB offers that.
  2. Besides the free access to the facility, air conditioning, safety and security, coffee and tea what more can they expect from iZone-iHUB? - If they have ideas that they are more than willing to share to our advisors and to the Board of Directors, then we will gladly listen to it and be honest enough to tell them if this project or idea has any monetary value or if its a dead end. We are more than willing to fund a project that we believe would make the person who has the idea rich and successful not only in development but also in commercialization.
  3. What would we expect from iZone-iHUB? - We will have a monthly, quarterly and yearly prize for the best ideas that will come up from iZone-iHUB, and the prizes can even range from a trip to Boracay, Expensive techy gadgets or best part about it is a vacation at my Castle in Scotland.
There are more interesting conversations you can check out from iZone-iHUB and we invite everyone to check the place out. Converge with your fellow techies and have the ease of mind that their will be no expenses on your part just by being there!

If you want to find more about iZone-iHUB? Check us out by visiting our site at: 

iZone-iHUB is located at Penthouse Agustin Building Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Business Center Pasig City 1605 in which we operate 24/7.

Be part of the biggest thing to come in the Philippine Tech world! Be part of iZone-iHUB!

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