Tuesday, November 13, 2012

iZone-iHUB - Free Site for Techy Pinoys

We have people who are already making use of the wonderful benefits iZone-iHUB offers to techy Pinoys. They discovered how much of an advantage for them as freelance technologist or innovators iZone-iHUB provides. As the word spreads on how positive iZone-iHUB is to people who has been on site we get to build the community we the iZone-iHUB team is envisioning.

We started the campaign "Be One of US" to show our appreciation to those Pinoy techies that already visited the place and is now planning to come back to find more things that iZone-iHUB can offer to them.

We are currently planning out this major event that would be held this coming February 2013. This would mark another milestone on the plans and goals of iZone-iHUB.

Here is a video of the recently concluded Launch of iZone-iHUB and words coming from the founder himself Mr. Daniel S. Peña.

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