Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Questions you have for iZone-iHUB? Answers here!

“To nourish and cultivate the minds of bright and creative individuals by letting them discover their ultimate potential in the field of Information Technology.” - This is one quotation we believe in, that's the whole mantra of what iZone-iHUB is all about.

Providing equal opportunity to individuals who are tech minded and does not have the avenue to have this ideas nurtured and developed!

And it does not stop there! Our site also offers open collaboration with other techie individuals who will also be there onsite to work with you and provide you a learning experience you never had!

Check out this questions coming from people who have been onsite! This might be your questions as well and to make it easy, all this queries answered now.

Question #1 : What is iZone-iHUB? 

Answer #1: 
 iZone-iHUB is an online community that provides Pinoy techies and innovative individuals a room for collaboration. It aims to encourage knowledge sharing among those who have the passion for information technology. It comprises of two components, one is onsite (located in Pasig City) and the other is a virtual environment (iZone-iHUB website) where everyone can easily collaborate. 

Question #2: What’s in it for you (iZone-iHUB) why do you offer your facilities for free for techies? 

Answer #2: 
We believe that Philippines is an avenue for advancement and innovation and the biggest challenge for this people is a place to have this nurtured anddeveloped. iZone-iHUB believes in the mantra “your idea + our resource = realization”. 

Question #3: What’s in it for us (techies)? 

Answer #3: 
Besides the avenue that we provide for techies to meet and have a place to call their second home, we offer potential funding and resources as well for ideas and project that would be the next big thing. 

Question #4: What do I expect from this place if I decide to visit? 

Answer #4: 
Safety and security, fully air-conditioned, Internet connection, computer terminals and volunteer staff that would cater to your technological queries. 

Question #5: What is the relationship of iZone-iHUB to the company iZone Technology? 

Answer #5: 
iZone Technology is just one of the companies owned by entrepreneur magnate Dan Pena, and iZone-iHUB is also another project he had in mind to give more opportunities for Pinoy to develop and realize the potential in terms of technology and innovation. 

Question #6: Does this function as a coworking space or environment? 

Answer #6: 
No. We only want to make sure that facilities can accommodate techies who do not have any venue for research and development. 

Question #7: What if I am not techie enough? Am I not welcome toiZone-iHUB? 

Answer #7: 
You might not be techie but you might have an “idea” that would be the next big thing! In iZone-iHUB we can provide you the resources you need to make it happen. 

Question #8: Do you have any events our happening in the HUB or does it only function as a research center?

Answer #8: 
We will have a line-up of amazing ideas and event that would keep everyone hooked and also drive your competitiveness and push you to come up with the best ideas that would change the technology world.

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