Sunday, October 28, 2012

iZone-iHUB is officially on the GRID!

The very first forum location for tehcies is here!

iZone-iHUB is officially on the grid for techies, innovators and geeks.

iZone-iHUB Center is an online community that provides a haven for Pinoy techies and innovative individuals to converge ideas while gathered in one place. It primarily aims to solidify a collaboration among techies, innovators and geeks that opens a room to maximize the best resources and potential of information technology in the country, and explore other related businesses.

To facilitate this, iHUB offers everyone (including students) a free and unlimited access to the internet, free coffee, as well as facilities that will mobilize the knowledge transfers, sharing and exchange among collaborators, individuals who are interested can create a vast networks and come up with plans and proposals on IT advancement.

Functioning as a technology center for research ranging from technological ideas or advancement to business development, iHUB center is not limited to mere virtual environment. It also provides collaborators a place to host events and seminars that can prepare and mold them to be better entrepreneurs, netpreneurs, technopreneurs and innovators.

the iZone-iHUB center is located at the heart of Ortigas Business Center and we invite techies of all ages to come and experience the amenities and services iZone-iHUB provide completely FREE!

Innovation allows growth,

and Innovation is what iHUB offers.

iZone-iHUB Community

Check our site: iZone-iHUB Website

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