Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What hides in the shadows

"What lurks in the shadows" is a famous quotation used by Japanese Novelist to represent a ninja and in the cyber world what actually hides in the shadows are the anonymous Hackers who spent years cracking the mobile phone security and matrix. After all this years of hiding they are now out. The guys from Defcon had created their own GSM Network and branded the flag of Ninja Tel.

The ninja hacker group has been out distributing phones to members who have contributed a lot on their community. The phone with lanyards included, they serve as identification card for them to be part of the annual ninja party. (For Defcon residence they can also attend the event by donating blood or signing up for bone marrow donation or by donating money to the Electric Frontier Foundation)

The HTC V which is running on ICS can be routed by using the private GSM network over Defcon's WIFI spots. The "Ninja Tel" network is "the biggest open BTS (base transceiver station) network ever," said Ninja Michael J.J. Tiffany.

Currently it now holds 850 subscribers on the private network with people utilizing the mobile phone capabilities with additional features, compliments from Ninja Tel.

This is just a start for many plans the Ninja Tel group for their going network. Ninja Tel is being supported by the following: Facebook, Zynga, AllJoyn, and Lookout.

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