Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Apple versus Google, Let the battle begin

As the battle wage on between the two biggest OS available on your smartphone, forecast of the winner is already piling up. Android is gaining favor 1 to 2 versus its contender Apple. But Apple is not ready to wave the white flag just yet, they have a secret weapon that they are already unleashing to change the tides and the name of this weapon is "Application Developers".

Currently developers are still focus on developing applications for Apple and to be followed by Android and more to it is that they just stick to Apple at times.

“Android may have a lead in how many handsets it ships, but it doesn’t have a lead in how much money app developers are making from it,” said Hadi Partovi, an investor in technology start-ups like Dropbox and a former manager at Microsoft.

As early as Monday Apple will strengthen it's war efforts with Android by announcing a series of products it has in planned and will be discussed on the opening day of a developer's conference at San Francisco.

A sample of this development is a 3D map service that will be operated by Apple which would post a great challenge to Google's current mapping service it provides to its users.

But as per Eric Schmidt who is an Executive Chairman of Google. Developers will always be attracted by volume, and right now we hold 59% of the market share for mobile phone networks. This is a similar story a few years ago when Apple had its war with Microsoft and history will tell what happened.

Wait for the coming months for the war has just started for this two giant to stop.

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