Tuesday, February 19, 2013

iZone-iHUB "iNNOVATION" Hackathon Event

As the saying goes: "strike while the iron is hot". After the successful 24 Hour Hackathon event held at iZone-iHUB last February 2013. This time around they put everything up a notch higher. They will now introduce the next event which is "iNNOVATION" Hackathon Event.

Official Poster for the "iNNOVATION" Hackathon
This is again another 24 hour event were contestant would have the opportunity to show case their skills and talents in the field of information technology. iZone-iHUB would also be awarding the prize of twenty thousand pesos (20,000.00) cash card to the sole winner of this event.

This is a golden chance for those who were not able to attend the first Hackathon to join up and be part of the league of programmers, developers and designer who have made their claim on being the sole survivor of the 24 Hour Hackathon Event.

Here is the recap of the recently concluded Hackathon and the winning group highlighted:

iZone-iHUB Founder Mr. Dan Pena shaking the hands of the participants.
Project "Stuff Cookie" who was able to grab the grand prize is now in discussion with the board members of iZone-iHUB in a potential venture to kick start the project they have developed on this Hackathon Event.

Here are the details of the event for the next Hackathon which is "iNNOVATION":

iZone-iHUB’s "iNNOVATION" Hackathon Event

A Selection Committee to be formed by iZone-iHUB shall review and evaluate which entries will qualify for the Finals. Mr. Dan S. Peña himself would also be judging the projects.

  •       Each team will be required to attend iZone-iHUB’s scheduled Hackathon Event indicated monthly via Social media and other form of promotions.
  •       Core members of the team are mandated to be present on the Hackathon Date for their team to qualify and participate.
  •       Each team will be required to give a 10 to 15-minutes presentation plus a 3 minute demonstration (live or video) of their prototype to the Board of Judges.
  •       Application must be built during the entire duration of the contest. Teams are given 24 hours (from 2pm of March 16 until 2pm of March 17, 2013) to finish their entries. (Premade programs or applications outside the competition time frame is not allowed)
  •       Pre-screening process will be done to distinguished individuals or groups and panellist will decide on the sole grand winner of the event.
  •       The Board of Judges will select 1 team whose entry will qualify for admission into the iZone-iHUB’s incubation program. The decision of the Board of Judges shall be final. (Not all projects would have the chance to be part of the incubation program if they do not fit the criteria of the Board of judges.)
  •       Project should also contain a mock up (Prototype) and presentation materials for a live demo of the project to either the panel of judges or jury.

  •       Applications may be assembled using any mix of programming languages, application frameworks, and development tools. Participants are expected to bring the necessary tools to build their competition entry. (Be guided with the Theme Guideline as reference on what to prepare for the competition.)
  •       Application must be built during the entire duration of the contest. 
  •       Teams can either chose to implement their idea as a web application, a mobile application or both without any restriction on what platforms or language to use.
  •       All decisions of judges are final. Scores will be announced and winners will be decided on the end of the “iNNOVATION” Hackathon Event

Theme Guideline: Utilize the major platforms or APIs (Apple, Android, Desktop OS, and Windows w/ integration from Social Media).
 Hackathon Theme: To be Announced on the Hackathon Date.

The criteria below will determine sole winner monthly. The criteria and a description are posted below with the corresponding weights:
Criteria for Judging: 100%
- Innovation/Novelty (wow factor) – 30%
- Commercial viability (global scale) – 20% 
- Technical expertise – 10%
- Solution scalability – 20%        
- Completeness – 10%
- Aesthetics – 10%

TIMING (Cycle)
  • Registration start a month prior to the competition.
  • Deadline of registration is a day before the Hackathon Event.
  • Development of the project is within the Hackathon Event.
  • Announcement of winner/winners will be end of the Hackathon Event.

There will be no age limit for the Applicants of iZone-iHUB’s Hackathon Event. Age limit would be 18 years old and above. iZone-iHUB staff and iZone Technologies Corporation are not qualified to be part of this competition.

iZone-iHUB has closed partnership with DevCon (Developer’s Connect), a group whose advocacies are in lined with the beliefs of iZone-iHUB. They provide support to event that would harness the potential of every Pinoy Programmer, Developer or Designer.


Sole winner or team will get to take home Twenty Thousand Pesos (20,000.00) cash card and a chance to get their project enrolled to iZone-iHUB’s start up incubation program.

Mr. Dan Peña would provide funding and support to any projects that he find interest upon presentation of the projects at the Hackathon Event. Winners will then be invited to discuss the terms of this projects with him and what support he will be able to provide to winners.

Unit No. 12 A (Penthouse) Agustin 1 Building, No. 28 F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Landmark near the building is El Pueblo and Orient Square Building along Emerald Avenue)

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